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Extraa Time is now hosting LaLiga football school

LaLiga has brought its grassroots football development programme to India with a view to train young budding footballers through a world-class training methodology. Extraa Time is hosting LaLiga football school right here in the city of joy, giving you a 360 degree approach to being fit and alert with UEFA pro licensed football coach. LaLiga Football Schools\' philosophy and curriculum has been moulded in the best league in the world and created by studying top clubs, players and coaches. The programme has been designed by the global Technical Director and his technical team in various countries, to reflect the football culture of the regions and create the best mix of Spanish flair & technique and local football.
In India, LaLiga Football Schools are set up and operated in partnership with India On Track, where coaches train students in the \'LaLiga Way\' of playing football to ensure maximum technical, tactical & physical development along with inculcating character building values. LaLiga Football Schools follows a sequential approach, allowing every student to climb the ladder of Football. They develop their game through more intense training and competitive football in each tier of the platform, be it grass root centres, development centres or elite academy. Extraa Time has used its rooftop space with massive creativity and turned the roof into a gaming and sports arena. The area looks very sporty and spreads positive vibe. Laliga has chosen the right place to collaborate with, now it’s your time to choose the right one.