How To Reach Extraa Time


Make your birthday special

Now celebrating your birthday and making it special is our responsibility. Be it the first birthday or the 50th one making your special one’s birthday as special as possible is at the top of everyone’s to do list. We at Extraa Time’s ground are organizing birthday parties with an expertise. It’s been quite a time we are into this business. We provide venue, decoration, food and beverages and almost everything. Enjoy to the fullest, this birthday with Extraa Time’s service.


Enjoying a fun filled day is a priority, so make sure you plan exactly how much you want to pay and know how much those extras will cost. By keeping a firm grip on the budget, you can avoid costs spiralling out of control and money stresses ruining the big event. Here with us know all the details of cost and pay exactly what is shown.

Guest list

Are you inviting all of your mates and friends or will they be comfortable among 6 to ten of their closest friends? Create a guest list as early as possible, so that you and us can get an idea of how many guests are coming, how much space is needed, and how much it will cost. It will give an idea of how much food will be required and what kind of activities can be arranged.


Hosting a party at home is okay and cheap but it’s a lot of headache and work. Arranging the party is easier than managing the after party. If you have got some helpers then it is okay but if not then you will probably pass out cleaning the whole space. So if you choose to hire a venue and give them the responsibility to work on that it will be the best choice. You will be able to stay free the whole day, and be able to attend your guests and friends. To hire one, there is none better than Extraa Time.

Entertainments and games

Outdoor sports like cricket, badminton, football etc. indoor games like video console, card games, musical chair etc. fun music, everything is available at our ground. Entertaining you and your guests is totally our responsibility. You need to choose which activity you want arranged. If your motive is to keep the party high key then you can book for professional entertainer too.

Food and beverages

Catering for a party is one of those essentials. Keeping your belly empty will lead to a bad party experience. So arranging food is a must. At our space we have a sports themed café at the top of the roof. We will arrange for the whole catering of the party, starting from snacks to desserts. We provide pure vegetarian food at our space. We provide continental, Italian, and Indian cuisine at our café. We will provide any kind of cuisine as per customer’s choice for the birthday party. For a successful birthday party you need some beverages and we will provide that as well. But we will suggest not to choose a fizzy drink and go for juices. We provide any kind of non-alcoholic drinks as per customer’s need.