How To Reach Extraa Time


Badminton Court in Kolkata

Badminton is a sport for all- a sport enjoyed by millions of child, youth, adults, and seniors and elderly persons globally. It is a game that requires two or more people, a game that is played in between two teams. Now play badminton without any membership at Extraa Time’s court. This sport combines eye and hand co-ordination, power, strength, speed and decision making skills. It’s a low impact non-contact sport, played by boys and girls, men and women- single doubles and mixed doubles. Get involved and try this sport and share all your knowledge about health and social benefits of badminton.

How are we different:

Extraa Time has come up with its new sport activity at their open rooftop space. Are you planning a badminton match? It is just a step away. Be it your friends group or you alone now play badminton without any headache at our court. Our badminton court is open from 6 am to midnight which gives opportunity to the people who works on day. This court is absolutely covered with flood lights from each side. You get absolute facilities at our court eg: you don’t need any membership to play at our court. This is the only court in Kolkata where you can play without any membership. Advance booking is not mandatory as well. The galleries are arranged in a sophisticated way, especially for our customers. Our court is wide and specious with positive vibes around you. We always come up with some exciting offers, don’t miss the chance to avail the offers

Here are few tips which may help you get started;

Events in badminton:

  • Men’s single
  • Women’s single
  • Men’s double
  • Women’s double
  • Mixed doubles

Equipment required in badminton*:

  • Racket
  • Shuttle cock
  • Net
  • Shoes
  • Clothing

*all the equipment are provided by us to the players and all the arrangements are done by our professionals.

Scoring in badminton:

  • Best of three games to 21 points
  • Every time there is a serve a point is scored
  • The side winning a rally serves in the next point
  • Players must serve diagonally and must strike the shuttle below the waist
  • If the score reaches 20-20, players must win by 2 points.

Give everybody a chance to play and experience.