How To Reach Extraa Time

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Bubble Soccer

Poolball Soccer

Kick Dirt

Corporate Events

Birthday Party

Rooftop Cafe

Best Rooftop AstroTurf Ground in Kolkata

Here we welcome you all to Extraa Time, one of the largest multipurpose Rooftop or AstroTurf Grounds in Kolkata. It is located on Russell Street just next to Gangaur with easy accessible transport facilities.

Astroturf is artificial grass, has been gaining popularity for being eco-friendly and looks good enough to fool us with real one.

Here we offer floodlight, FIFA verified AstroTurf, suitable for all heavy sports,up-to-date equipment; state-of-the-art sport facilities, sophisticated gallery arrangements and a reallythrilling atmosphere. We are trying to bring the best experience to sports lovers in the city by offering high density Dtex that makes even smoother.

At Extraa Time, you can play Football in Rooftop football ground, Badminton Court, play Cricket with our professional bowling machine, and pool games. Here, you can play badminton without enrolling yourself in membership.

It is time to set free your inner soccer star at Extraa Time’s state-of-the-art rooftop sport arena. What are you waiting for? You can book our Ground even after the sun goes down as we have brilliant floodlights to make your shinning performance even more glowing. So, call us up and book your own match at an unbeatable price!

Come on over if you are ready for the experience!

Rooftop Asto Turf Ground Kolkata

What makes us different

We are unique and customer satisfaction is our biggest priority.


Prime Location

The location is in the heart of Kolkata, at Russel Street near Maidan metro station. Very easy to find and reach. The place connects toMaidan metro station and Park Street metro station. The location has great parking lot too.


Our Rooftop Arena

This is one of the biggest multipurpose rooftop ground in the heart of Kolkata. Customers get to choose from two different size grounds, one is 4x4, another is 6x6. These two grounds can be combined into one also, as per customers need. In that case customers will get a space of 8x8.


FIFA approved Turf

The ground is covered with Astro-turf which makes the ground eligible for playing FIFA. This is the most attractive part of our area. High density Dtex makes you feel extra comfortable. Other than FIFA customers are allowed to play other sports like badminton or cricket.


Rooftop Cafe

Now don’t stay hungry while playing or watching a game. We have arranged a sports themed café for our valuable customers. It’s a rooftop café with amazing view of Kolkata.

Our additional activities

Hey wait, we are not finished here, we have come up with a whole lot of new things in our bucket.


Laliga coaching camps

Extraatime is now hosting Laliga football school right here in the city of joy. It gives you a 360 degree approach to being fit and alert with UEFA pro licensed football coach.


Yoga classes

Stay fit, energetic and experience the feel young factor with our brand new yoga classes conducted by renowned yoga instractors Yogacharya Sandeep. Join the classes to experience the change.


Badminton Court

Good news for sports lovers. Book our aristocratic wide ground to play badminton. This is the first rooftop badminton court in kolkata where you can play without any mebership.


Other festive events

Customers can book our area for other events also. For example birthday parties, business campaigns etc. For that we will be needing some details of the event to arrange a perfect atmosphere for our clients.

Number of Bookings
Happy Clients
Professional Facilitators
Organized Birthday Party

Some Extra Ordinary Games

Bubble Soccer

Bubble Soccer is a popular team building game that makes people smile. It is a high-energy team building game which engages everyone in the team to play it non-competitively.

Poolball Soccer

Pool is a popular game that is played all over the world by millions of people.Each specific pool game has its own name; some of the better-known include eight-ball, blackball, nine-ball, ten-ball, seven-ball, straight pool, one-pocket, and bank pool.

Kick Dirt

Kick Darts is a brand new sport where football and darts are linked together. The aim of the game of this game is playing the same rules as a dart game but instead of throwing a dart, you kick a football at a giant velcro inflatable soccer dart-board.

Rooftop Asto Turf Ground Kolkata
Rooftop Asto Turf Ground Kolkata
Rooftop Asto Turf Ground Kolkata

Fitness Is Our Motto!

Welcoming everyone from different age groups to join the courses of staying fit. Get a twist of Indian and international ways of staying fit and healthy.

Our highly qualified yoga instructor

‘Yogacharya Sandeep’ is a highly qualified yoga instructor with a Masters in yoga psychology from Bihar Yoga Bharati (the world’s first yoga university). With over 13 years of teaching experience, Sandeep has a thorough knowledge of various yoga techniques and their application to improve performance and productivity in the corporate sector.

A few modules are on-

  • Stress management

  • Improving productivity
  • Breathing exercises for relaxation and instant energy
  • Basic exercises for pain management
  • General health and wellness

In addition to the above, customised modules can be developed to suit your organisation’s needs. The length of the session will also depend upon your specific requirements.

Some of the illustrious clients he has worked with include:

ONGC, JINDAL, Cairn India Ltd., HAL, Aditya Birla Group, Train Brain Health Plus, STAR Voice of India and ‘Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Dha Ni Sa’ Academy For more information on Yogacharya Sandeep and yoga in general, please visit the website and facebook page

Laliga football schools:

Laliga has brought its grassroots football development programme to India with a view to train young budding footballers through a world class training methodology. Laliga football schools’ philosophy and curriculum has been moulded in the best league in the world and created by studying top clubs, players and coaches. The programme has been designed by our global Technical Director and his technical team in various countries, to reflect the football culture of the regions and create the best mix of Spanish flair and technique and local football.In India, Laliga football schools are set up and operated in partnership with India On Track, where coaches train students in the ‘LaLiga Way’ of playing football to ensure maximum technical, tactical and physical development along with inculcating character building values.

Programme features:

Up your game-

Progression platforms:

LaLiga football schools follows a sequential approach, allowing every student to climb the ladder of football. They develop their game through more intense training and competitive football in each tier of the platform, be it Grass root Centres, Development Centres or Elite academy.

Skills & drills-

Programme Designed & Led by UEFA-PRO Licensed Coaches:

Licenced and qualified coaches, who bring a wealth of global experience, teach students to play the ‘LaLiga Way’. Each session follows a well-designed evaluation criteria that helps one understand their game better and develop.

It’s more than just a game-

Technical & Mental development:

The programme helps nurture students into responsible athletes, helping them evolve and grow as individuals and as a team, both on and off the field. Teamwork, discipline, dedication, leadership,and fair play become important pillars that are core to any student who is a part of the system.

The best in the world-

world- Class Global Curriculum

The training methodology follows a 360 degree approach to athlete development, from physical fitness to mental alertness. Holistic development of all players is at the core of every LaLiga Football Schools session.

LaLiga Football Schools’ technical Director:

Javier is a UEFA Pro Licensed football coach with wide experience of working with professional football club & academies. A former coach with FC Barcelona ESCOLA in Virginia State (USA), Javier has spent more than 13 years coaching in countries like Spain,USA & India. His experience includes working as a football analyst with OPTA (biggest sports data collection organisation in the world), Academy Futsal Coach at Club Deportivo Prosport Futsal, Head of Youth Development at Sporting Club de Goa amongst others.